Nothing is cozier than a loose flannel. Draped over a T-shirt or over a dress, it instantly makes an outfit more laid back and adds another layer, keeping you warm on these bitter winter days when the last thing you want to do is brave the elements on your way to class. This Fashionista knows that the best way to stay toasty and comfortable is to add a flannel.

This Fashionista fancied up her Monday with a denim skirt. The dark wash and mid-thigh length made it a perfect basic. She added a simple, grey T-shirt, allowing her to choose any outerwear she wanted to spice up her neutrals. Next, she threw on a feminine, pink-and-white flannel with delicate embroidery on the back. I liked how this flannel was different from the dark and masculine ones I normally see on campus. She added a white coat with delicate studs and chunky buttons. To keep her legs warm, she pulled on a pair of white, textured tights that, with the coat, gave the look a clean and bright vibe. A pair of grey wedge boots protected her feet from the snow, and a pair of pale pink socks peeked out above the tops. Finally, a silky pink scarf brings out the pink of her plaid shirt.

Try wearing a feminine, plaid shirt to add interest to a basic outfit. A T-shirt-and-jeans or T-shirt-and-skirt combination is instantly made chicer with a flannel, as is a solid-colored dress. Wear it open to display the layer underneath or knot it at your waist for an hourglass shape. A pair of wedge boots adds height while still being casual.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Layering flannels over T-shirts instead of tank tops is a good plan because then you can take it off in a hot classroom. Wearing socks over tights in boots keeps your feet warm, and it still looks cute.”