During the winter when students dread stepping outside of their dorms to face the unbearable trek to class, it’s not unheard of to just throw on dark and boring colored apparel. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no stranger to crawling out of bed 10 minutes prior to when I have to be in class and grabbing the first clothes I see. When I look out the window to see gray skies and hear the wind howling, black is the only color I want to be seen in. But, this Fashionista reminded me that it doesn’t have to feel like summer or spring to be rocking a bold floral pattern. Bright colored designs are actually a great way to put you in a positive mood despite the dull weather you’re wearing it in.

This trendsetting student expressed herself through a light pink knit sweater that naturally complemented the pink flowers on her leggings. Keeping the temperature in mind, she mixed in a black and gray fringe scarf that matched her knee-length coat. The array of colors flowed nicely together and proved that one can still look winter appropriate in multicolored apparel. There are endless styles and designs that one could wear to spice up their look. She mentioned that she chooses the days with the worst weather to wear her brightest outfits, which genuinely puts her and the people around her in a better mood. 

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?Patterned leggings are the perfect statement piece for any outfit! I especially love wearing floral in the winter because it gives me a small taste of the spring trends that I miss.”