July 31st, 2015 at 2:05am

Flowers and ice cream: two joys that come in pastel. This association may explain why a light pastel color palette always makes me happy. Dressing in pretty pastels isn’t strictly reserved for spring and Easter Sunday. Summer is the perfect time to get an ice cream cone, buy roses and wear a pastel dress!

This beautiful Fashionista achieves a sweet, feminine and flirty look with her short-sleeved, lilac dress. A short, swingy dress is perfect to stay comfortable, cool and cute in the summer heat.

A key to pulling off summer pastels is to keep the look light and simple. Her look isn’t weighed down by bulky jewelry, but is kept light and delicate by being paired with simple pieces. Her pearl and gold ring complements the pastel color palette and gives the outfit a little extra flair. Floral sandals add to her feminine look. These Sanuk sandals are made from a yoga mat so they are also super comfortable!

Her look is simple, pretty and best of all, fits into a college student’s tight budget! This Fashionista found her dress off the clearance rack for a great price. Most college students can relate to the struggle of managing time and managing money. So, two of the biggest thrills for a college kid are arranging a schedule with no Friday classes and finding a fashion treasure on sale for an affordable price. If only Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters accepted meal points as payment.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Never pay full price.”