It’s that time of year again where hot coffee and our heaviest winter coats are a must for getting around campus. January is a perfect time to clean out our closets from last year’s hurrah and bring out those new boots and sweater we have been dying to wear. Here in Massachusetts, freezing temperatures and the forecasted possibility of snow is a big deciding factor on our everyday outfits, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a chore!

For this Fashionista’s look, she chose to wear the glorious color of black that most people prefer in these winter months. The difference is that she also shows us a pop of pattern and color underneath all those dark tones.

I love the way she uses layers by wearing a plum colored vest over a black and white striped shirt, making the shirt the center of attention. The black boots and bag are a great touch to the whole “black on black” look and makes her outfit chic and stylish. No winter look is complete without a black down jacket with a fur lined hood. To amp up the color factor and top it all off, she is wearing a bright and colorful chunky necklace, making her outfit the perfect winter go-to look.

Dressing in the winter doesn’t have to be a challenge or burden. It can be fun and exciting! The winter is meant for bundling up and layering bright and bold colors underneath dark or colorful jackets, making it the best season to stand out and play with your style!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “College is definitely a vital time to start saving money, which can make it hard to always look fashion forward. I like to save money by buying basics and splurging on statement accessories like my J.Crew poppy necklace and Hunter Rainboots.”