Yup, I heard ‘em too. The radio and TV commercials advertising the start of back to school shopping for those of you that start this coming fall. And yeah, I know. August just started, but let’s turn down the volume of these announcements and hide our ears away for just one more moment. Now where shall we turn in times of need, particularly the urgency for a reminder that we still have a few weeks left of summer vacation? Why, summery and appropriately fun outfits, of course!

The best place to showcase your looks would ideally be in a new spot, preferably an exotic location that you’ve as of yet only seen in pictures. Decadent cuisines to show off through filtered photos, as you eagerly await to snap a few just-right shots before you stuff your face; amber colored drinks with mini umbrellas; palm trees (or maybe you enjoy cold environments to change up the pace of your already steaming hot hometown) and much loved neon colored nails to accentuate up that golden J.Lo glow you’ve gotten recently. Or maybe you fall into the other category, where you’ve been too busy to go anywhere because you’ve already been admitted in summer classes while balancing your job. Oh, how I truly adore a fellow independent, working young woman. Well, don’t stress boo, I say let’s bring the vacation spots to us with brand new outfit inspirations that’ll boost our morale.

If you haven’t read my last article then you missed the news of me recently having been diagnosed with ’70s fever. There’s nothing more enchanting to me than subtly incorporating a throwback trend into your modern day world. Show it off with your trademark smile and your look will be a success. This week’s Fashionista complemented her pearly whites with a breezy paisley dress and high-low hemline. The nude shade of her slingback mules can elongate the legs and is a refreshing change from the standard lace-up flat sandals. She mixed up her jewelry with different lengths on each ear: a dangling golden piece with a turquoise gem and a double-ended gold spike on another. The surface of her Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bag was a speckled bronze, laced with slivers of gold that highlighted the other accents of her accessories. Throw on fun sunglasses and bring the vacation to you.

Before we allow ourselves to stock up on new flannel button-ups and booties, let’s pledge to wear our best fashion-forward outfits every day of the month up until we see that orange tinged leaf pass by our neon orange toes. It will be our continous toast to a sweet summer, not a goodbye.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be brave with your wardrobe, and feel free to experiment with something new. Wearing mismatching earrings can make a simple summer outfit have that extra edge, or you can spruce up a neutral outfit with a funky bag to take your look to the next level.”