February 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

As a student, backpacks certainly become a part of your everyday life and style. Everyone has one. But how do you find the balance between a bag that is good for storage, stylish but also has something unique about it; after all, it is an everyday accessory seen on college campuses.

There are so many different styles that you can undertake while searching for your perfect fit. This blue canvas, brown leather backpack is a perfect staple piece for this Fashionisto’s closet. While he has chosen a preppier backpack, others can find something quirkier or even forgo the backpack all together and find either a briefcase or shoulder bag. Any of these options would be a great opportunity to enhance your personal style.

Looking at this Fashionisto, you can definitely tell that he knows how to pick a backpack that can go with any outfit. He sticks with something sleek, stylish and its basic design really can go with any look that he decides to put together for the day. He wears dark wash jeans, a striped blue and tan sweater, purple Converse and a purple beanie which are all perfectly complemented by his navy blue backpack. His outfit is stylish and is enhanced by his backpack. While being an eye-catching piece, it is still completely functional. This Fashionisto can easily fit all of his books, computer and all of his classroom essentials neatly into this bag. Functionality is something that you must keep in mind when searching for your perfect bag.

What is your STYLE ADVID OF THE WEEK? ” Find something unique! I’m all about finding something that is different than what everybody else has.”