Men’s fashion and oxfords lately have been my current obsession. I believe that fashion for men is so simple compared to us women. They can easily pair a top and a bottom and call it a day. This summer I’ve seen a great amount of stylish men and I had to capture the moment. This Fashionisto’s look has definitely been one of my favorites.

Oxford shoes have been around for a long time and it’s surprising that they are still popular until this day. Both women and men can put together an outfit with these shoes and that’s the great thing about them. Oxfords are unique, comfortable, affordable and fancy. They can be worn either in a dressy way or just casual and they come in many varieties. Ranging from different colors, textures and patterns that can be matched with almost anything in your wardrobe.

This Fashionisto wore his oxfords in a casual way and really added a bit of his own style to the whole ensemble. Something I realized this summer was that the color blue and matching shades of blue together was a popular trend. This Fashionisto made sure not to overdo it but blended the shades by wearing a light blue short sleeve button-down with some navy pants. One of my favorite details in his outfit was how he changed the laces of his shoes to match the whole color concept he had going on. It was the first thing that caught my eye. He also kept his outfit clean and simple by accessorizing with a black watch.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The way I see it, there’s nothing wrong with following the latest trends. Not everyone was born to be a trendsetter. Make sure you add a little bit of YOU at the end of the day. That’s how you create your own style.”