Summer is officially here and the Fashionistas at DePaul are already sporting their new summer gear. I’ve seen the usual high-waisted shorts and crop top style everywhere lately. However, when I was walking around campus, I came across a Fashionista wearing a dress that I really liked. The dress the Fashionista is wearing is very simple and minimalistic. This dress looks a lot like something that would come from Madewell. Little did I know, this dress is actually an oversized men shirt from Forever 21. I absolutely love this idea. The Fashionista paired it off with some platform heels to elongate the legs as well as some funky sunglasses and a yellow studded purse.

I love the whole concept behind this outfit. You can easily turn a simple T-shirt into a dress for the summer months just like this Fashionista did. It looks great and it’s affordable as well. The Fashionista made this whole ensemble look casual and cool but topping off the whole look with a messy bun. This outfit is perfect for a summer night at Grant Park spent eating iced lemonade and watching movies with friends on a picnic blanket.

I loved the cat eye sunglasses this Fashionista was sporting that I actually went out to purchase the same ones. The sunglasses can be found at Free People. I also found a similar men’s dress shirt at Forever 21. I can’t wait to wear it. I have to say that my favorite part of this outfit are the shoes. They are comfy and definitely bring a lot of attention to the legs. I found similar ones at Urban Outfitters.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t stick to the rules, wear what you love because that if the best representation of your own personal style.”