STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Oversized T-Shirts and Possibilities

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Oversized T-Shirts and Possibilities

Maintaining your own style at college can be a struggle, especially during the fall and winter months. Many lazily stick with their class go-to: sweats. I always see a sea of people in my classes wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants. While this is a comfortable choice for students across the globe to rely on, where is the fashion fun in that? It’s proven that the way one dresses effects their mood and emotions and it can explain to others who you are as a person. With that being said, put your sweats back in your closet for a snowy day in and in exchange don an outfit you can be proud of and that expresses who you are!

You won’t catch this Fashionista in sweats. She knows how to keep comfortable and still express her edgy and fierce self through her fashion choices. Her taupe fringe leather cross body tote is perfect for carrying books all day, a beautiful fall color and still adds a flare of her own style. These rad ripped jeans this Fashionista is rocking are essential for any season and add a hip influence to her look. Fall is the best time of the year to wear leather booties and a pair of over the ankle socks to add style (and keep your feet warm!). This Fashionista cleverly scrunched down her over the knee socks to give a unique illusion to her look.

Chokers are a favorite for any season. This Fashionistas choker compliments her entire ensemble, giving it a bit of sparkle with the gold triangle charm. The black material of the choker cohesively plays into the black linear fabric going across her top. This lace up black oversized T-shirt from LF Soho was a huge trend over the summer. Whether it be a monochromatic or graphic T-shirt, it seemed like everyone had theirs laced up. This Fashionista is bringing the laced up oversized T-shirt trend back to campus, and doing it oh so perfectly.

As for my style advice, make sure your closet is stocked with oversized T-shirts. They are a critical garment for everyones wardrobe because they are both comfortable and versatile. Wear it with leggings or ripped jeans like the Fashionista above. Pull together the extra fabric and tie a knot to make it not as long and to give yourself an edgy look. A huge trend lately has been cutting designs out from T-shirts, so get some scissors and start designing! Oversized T-shirts can even be made into dresses if they are long enough. If you decide to go with a dress, accessorize it with a belt to cinch in your waist and give yourself a distinctive silhouette. Want a sexier look? Add jewelry and wear thigh high socks or boots with your oversized T-shirt turned dress. When it comes to oversized T-shirts, the (fashion) sky’s the limit!

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