Everyone is trying to stay warm during these snowy winter days, but that doesn’t need to mean sacrificing fashion! In magazines, blogs and around campus I can’t help but see that everyone is focusing on wearing as many pieces of clothing as they can fit on their bodies. Layers of flannels and sweaters seem to be really popular. What I’ve noticed is that people aren’t just wearing more, but they’re also wearing bigger, oversized clothing.

This chic Fashionista was able to find the perfect balance of layers and oversized sweaters. Her fluffy black cardigan is super comfortable and protects her from the icy wind. She wrapped a black cashmere scarf around her neck, framing her face and adding another texture. This Fashionista kept her look all-black but added a twist when she put on a pale pink sweater. This addition of a light color along with her caramel Prada handbag gives the whole outfit dimension.

So that you don’t get swallowed up by this trend, make sure to keep the bottom of your outfit simple. This Fashionista wore a pair of thick leggings and finished off with her platform patent creeper sneakers. You could also just throw on a pair of Converse or black booties. Personally I’d wear a black blucher shoe. Don’t forget accessories! The trend is “more is better”, so don’t be afraid of over-accessorizing. Just because you’re wearing layers and layers that doesn’t mean your look is complete. This Fashionista’s jewelry consists of a black and gold theme. She wore a thick bangle and multiple black and gold rings. When wearing a busy outfit it’s best to keep your makeup and hair simple and fresh. Wear a bright white eyeliner and a light blush on your cheeks to look well rested. This Fashionista let her long hair flow naturally, but a big trend right now is a high pony and this is a perfect outfit for it!

This trend is one of my favorites because it allows you to be comfortable and stylish. Those of you who are lucky to not have to deal with a cold winter can still follow this trend! Just switch a few things around to match your climate. Wear a billowy top and a long oversized cardigan with a short skirt or shorts! Either way if you’re walking around snow or sand you’ll look cute and feel relaxed in this universal trend.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A little pop of a color looks great when wearing black oversized clothes!”