STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Overall Perfection

I have to admit that I’ve been pretty skeptical of the revival of the overalls trend from the beginning. I’m actually surprised this trend is still alive and thriving several years into it. There’s something about overalls that remind me of my elementary school days. Whenever I think of them, I picture a dated, frumpy look that wouldn’t be flattering on even the most model-esque figure. However, this week’s Fashionista has proven me happily wrong.

The GUESS overalls this Fashionista is wearing fit her in all the right places, taking this trend straight from the grungy ‘90s to the modern day. The figure-hugging fit on the bottom half of the overalls give it a fresh twist on traditionally baggy overalls. The medium wash of the denim and the ripped patches also help to give this trend a contemporary feel.

I loved that this Fashionista paired the overalls with summery pieces to make this look perfect for the warm Montreal weather. While crop tops are another trend from the ‘90s, the bright pink and white floral pattern makes this top feel fresh and modern. I’m a big fan of incorporating patterns into outfits and floral is a huge trend this summer, making this top right on point. In addition, by pairing the look with casual white flip flops, it makes this a perfect daytime outfit that can be worn for many different occasions this summer.

Finally, finishing this look with a subtle flower crown really takes it to a whole new level. Flower crowns,or any hair accessories, can be intimidating to wear. The soft yellow and white flowers on this crown match perfectly with the floral print of the crop top and the whole summery vibe of the outfit. Summer is the season to have fun and flower crowns and other hair accessories can add that extra punch to an outfit you’re looking for. To me, summer fashion is all about being adventurous and carefree, so I think wearing flowers in your hair is a great way to physically embody that attitude.

I love it when it a Fashionista proves me wrong about a trend I’m unsure of. Fashion is about experimentation and learning what works for you and your personal style. I am now extremely tempted to go and find my perfect pair of overalls for the summer. I challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and try a trend this summer that you’re not one hundred percent comfortable with. Who knows, you might just find your new favorite outfit in the process!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always wear what flatters your body… in style or not. If it makes you look great, then you are guaranteed to feel great!”