STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Overall, Nice and Short

When following a summer trend, it can be very tempting to copy a certain look and mimic what everyone else is wearing. Sometimes, it can be very hard to follow your own style book for the sake of fitting in. Isn’t that how fashion trends emerge though? It takes one person who is brave enough to step away from the crowd to create a unique style that eventually everyone will be aching to try.

What better way to express your personal summer look than to wear a cute pair of overall shorts? Not only is this outfit different, but it is also super comfortable perfect for the heat! Especially during the summer months, a popular outfit choice is either the shorts and T-shirt look or the summer dress look. What is nice about overalls is that the shorts look is still present, but there is the added bonus of the straps. Overalls are not worn too often, so when they are spotted, it is very refreshing.

So how does one carry out the overall look? It can be worn in a variety of ways! This Fashionista chooses to wear her jean overalls on the shorter side. Any colorful top will do; however this Fashionista selects a printed T-shirt in mint green with a small black dog print. The print adds a quirky detail to the overalls and the T-shirt, while the color in the T-shirt brightens up the jean material of the overalls.

This Fashionista completes her look with white Converse sneakers, a brown cross-body bag and a unique leather band map watch paired with three beaded bracelets. Converse are a must-have shoe for any college girl’s closet. The Converse also give a bit of street style flair to the overalls that is preferable for a casual day out. A cross-body bag is essential for carrying all of the small things in a fashionable way. The watch this Fashionista is wearing captures the world in its small face, which is not seen too often. The bracelets that dangle from her wrist complement the intricate details in the watch. All in all, each accessory this Fashionista has on adds to the urban trend she is sporting.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think that the most important thing when trying any trend is that you like it and feel good in it. I feel really comfortable in my overall shorts, and in turn that makes me a lot more confident!”