This week’s STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK is inspired by a Fashionista that represents most of us: a college girl that is busy at this time of the semester, running between classes and the library, trying to catch up with her friends and doing some extra-curricular activities. Yet her busy life didn’t prevent her from being in style. What is distinguished about today’s Fashionista is that her style reflects who she is, her lifestyle and her school days. She combined all that in the choice of her outfit.

When you are dressed in what reflects you, people who see you without talking to you can get a glimpse of who you are. The moment you see our today’s Fashionista, you feel that she is a dedicated, committed and stylish Washingtonian college girl.

Her color choice is what highlighted this Fashionista’s outfit. She unified three warm colors in a simple stylish way. The three colors are black, deep red and ash orange. The black dominated the outfit. Our Fashionista matched a black slim jeans with a warm black jacket. She broke the black color block with a deep red sweater under the jacket.

Her accessories were the element that spiced up the outfit. The orange scarf is very eye-catching. This color together with the deep red of the sweater creates a unique color combination. The Fashionista chose a bag deep red in color, which made the scarf look like the bridge that connects the sweater with the bag; it brings the outfit together.  The golden necklace shines subtly from underneath the scarf. This Fashionista wore comfortable black boots that perfectly fit her busy college day.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Being a dedicated and busy school girl is a life-achievement that any girl should be proud of, and choosing an outfit that fits your kind of life and that makes you comfortable adds to your success.”