Though the Netflix phenomenon, Orange Is The New Black seems to be what everyone talks about these days, orange is the new black also happens to be this Fashionista’s motto on summer totes! At this time of year, when it’s this hot and gorgeous outside, all we want to do is be outside, but to do so we have a couple of essentials that need to come with us all day. Water to keep hydrated, sunblock to keep us from toasting, shades to bare the sunlight and if you happen to take a spontaneous trip to the park, a blanket to throw a picnic on, along with many others.

Cross-body bags (a personal favorite) are the chicest, however they’re not exactly Mary Poppins’ bag, they do happen to have limited storage space. Unfortunately, London’s greatest nanny has a strict no sharing policy with her purse, but not to worry, the solution to our problem: tote bags! They’re big, not huge, but most importantly; they’re stylish.

Being so comfy and versatile, we tend to want to take our totes everywhere, and many times have the “black goes well with everything” thought pop in our mind when purchasing one (I know i’ve said that). Not in this case! This Fashionista chose to go bold and get an orange one instead, and give Orange Is The New Black a whole new meaning.

For a hot day out in the Big Apple, she wore a pastel floral mini with a white lace crop top and her feet got five star treatment with Cole Haan’s famous oxfords. Lots of color in one outfit, but it’s safe to say, it’s “totes” RAD.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I went against my usual choice of black. I’d say have a little fun and bring color not only to your clothes, but your handbags, as well.”