One of my favorite aspects of fashion is it’s allowance for experimentation. I love the process of mixing and matching tops with bottoms, creating unexpected combinations that leave you feeling like a beautiful genius. It’s a way to maximize your wardrobe while exercising the left and right hemispheres of your brain as critical thinking meets creativity. Fashion makes you smart, guys!

However, it’s summer and it is 3000 percent acceptable to not want to think about things any more than necessary. And that’s where rompers come in. Rompers are a one and done kind of deal, and for that, I love them. Just step in, pull up the straps and you’re on your way! Plus, there are so many versions of rompers that go from casual to dressy so you can let your brain rest for a multitude of occasions!

This Fashionista’s romper is great for a casual day out with friends or by yourself if you don’t have any. Just kidding. If you’re this well-dressed, you more than likely have at least one or two. Am I rambling? Sorry.

Okay, back to this fabulous outfit. I love the color palette that she chose, mainly because it’s combining different neutrals. Black and brown can either be best friends or enemies, but here they are getting along more beautifully than Victoria and David Beckham, if such a thing is possible. She put her khaki brown romper together with a black felt panama hat and then balanced them out with cognac booties and purse. These shades of different neutrals remind me of the palette used in Kanye West’s adidas fall 2015 line, just minus the hosiery and vaguely militant/sci-fi dystopian vibe. This Fashionista’s outfit almost has a western feel, mainly due to the boots and hat. But if you’re a city girl through and through, ditch the boots and hat for a pair of oxfords instead.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “In this crazy summer heat, comfortable, airy clothing is a must. Being comfortable and feeling pretty is very empowering and makes it much easier to conquer your day!”