‘Tis the season of snoozing alarms, wearing yesterday’s make-up and oversized sweaters. The spring semester is up and running, so hopefully your coffee machine is as well!

After long nights of studying, we all have a go-to outfit that we toss on to get ready in the morning. Those go-to outfits mostly consist of cozy sweatshirts, graphic tees or the classic favorite, jeans. I admit that I adore my denim because it’s easy to wear and goes with just about anything. At the same time, why not give those jeans a break every once in a while, and give your morning routine a new twist by adding some patterned pants to your go-to list.

Last spring collection, patterned pants were very trendy. Many fell in love with the boho look that included palazzo pants which increased in popularity. For fall and winter, geometric patterns are coming into style which give off a classic and sophisticated look. When I saw this Fashionista I couldn’t help but stop and admire her grid patterned pants.

What I love about this Fashionista’s outfit are the simple pieces that are comfortable to wear and can be easily constructed on those tough mornings. She pairs her fabulous pants with a pastel pink fuzzy sweater that doesn’t clash or take away from the grid pattern. Adding the leather jacket gives her look more of an edge and contrast the pastel pink sweater. To finish off her outfit, she adds a pair of black flats that are perfect for looking stylish and walking back and forth to class comfortably.

What is your STYLE ADVICE FOR THE WEEK? “Don’t get too comfortable with the same things. Try something new every once in awhile because that’s what makes fashion fun!”