When the sun comes out and the flowers are in full bloom, people break out the nautical stripes and the floral rompers—but maybe not this year.

Something that never goes out of style is the neutral. We’re born in our birthday suits, so it’s only fitting that we’d look good in neutrals for the rest of our lives. While summer is a time to wear the season, you’ll stand out in a sea of stripes and foliage when you stick to the basics.

This Fashionista not only works the neutral, but she takes it to another level by spicing it up with a hot, summer accent color. Solid neutrals are classy on their own, but they also match every other color that you own. That means getting this Fashionista’s look will be easy. Her finishing touches are a red clutch and some red suede platforms. You could try some mustard bangles and dangly earrings and a floppy straw sun hat. An accent color is the way to go this summer.

Now this Fashionista may look a little warm in that cardigan, but a lightweight cardigan is the perfect summer add-on—you never know when the air conditioning is going to be on full-blast. In this outfit, two longs make a right with a long cardigan and a lightweight knee-length sweater dress. You’ll get just the right amount of breeze, and since it’s summer, you might as well just wear a swimsuit underneath. Then you’ll be ready for the beach, the boardwalk, or the classroom. Better yet, you’ll be ready to go straight to the lake after you get out of your air-conditioned class.

This Fashionista looks effortless, but with her color pop, she’s sure to catch attention.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Solid colors are coming in. I like playing with solid, neutral colors with one different non-neutral color. Try to look not so well put-together. Don’t look like you try too hard.”

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