STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Now If We're Talking Body Chains

It seems just like yesterday that the flowers were blossoming and everyone was embracing their inner flower child. Now, during the dog days of summer, Fashionistas are packing away their flower crowns and beating the heat with the latest sporty-chic trend. Body chains have been spotted on celebs more recently this summer and the trend has reached the interest of Fashionistas at Illinois State University.

Body chains have become an essential for any Fashionista who is looking to add classic glamour to their look this season. The unique “out of the jewelry box” accessory also comes in various forms, allowing for any girl to add diversity to their look. Body chains come in all different types of metals and range from delicate to bold statement armor-like pieces. The Fashionista captured above looks stunning while sporting her delicate, silver body chains.

This simple, glam-edgy accessory looks great by subtly sparkling in contrast to the Fashionista’s simple, gray crop top and high-waisted, black skirt. The body chain gives this a touch of sophistication, but also edge to her ensemble. Keeping with the dark colors, she wore elegantly bejeweled, black sandals. Without missing a beat she matches her black shoulder bag with the sandals to tie the entire outfit together. Notice that she is not wearing multiple accessories, but keeping it elegant by just wearing the chain. Keeping with the sporty-chic style, laying low on chunky accessories is key.

What is great about this trend is that it can be worn all year long. This fall, throw on a delicate body chain to add a little life to the dress shirt and blazer duo while interning at the office. Body chains can be excellent to add to any T-shirt dress or jumpsuit that will be perfect for the first day back to school.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love the risk of embracing new fashion trends. How else are you going to grow and discover your true self if you stay in your comfort zone?”