Move over Sandra Dee! The biker is back, and this time with no rules. Leather jackets and skinny jeans aren’t the only requirements for this edgy, bad girl look any more. Motorcycle jackets are making a huge comeback right now and can be found anywhere in different fabrics, colors and patterns. Adding one to an outfit can instantly make you Harley ready, no Danny Zuko required.

This Fashionista kept the dark color scheme of a classic biker outfit, but mixed it up with a light, patterned bomber jacket. The switch to a bomber style jacket gives off a more relaxed vibe than a traditional structured motorcycle jacket, while still maintaining some of that edge. If this Fashionista’s funky pattern is too much for you, try a more understated one like this Silence + Noise quilted bomber jacket from Urban Outfitters. The army green body combines two major trends in outerwear right now: the utility jacket and the bomber. Double the #RAD in one piece!

The classic leather look missing in the jacket is made up for in this Fashionista’s kate spade new york backpack. Don’t confuse this with your average JanSport, this bag was built for style. The clean lines and classic black leather make it effortlessly stylish while the practicality of the backpack design makes it better on your body. It really makes you wonder why we all aren’t carrying around a backpack! If you want to be very literal when crafting a biker chic ensemble, opt for this unique ‘Biker Jacket’ backpack by Moschino.

With such strong statement pieces like the jacket and the backpack, it’s important to keep the rest of the outfit simple, and this Fashionista knocks that out of the park. She dresses up everyone’s favorite black lululemon leggings with some low suede booties and tops it all off with a classic black button-down T-shirt. The monochromatic simplicity perfectly sets the stage for the bomber jacket to shine.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t overcomplicate it. All you need is one showstopper piece to make an outfit, so make sure the rest is clean and classic.”