STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Not Your Average Knits

Walking across campus for a morning class in freezing temperatures is no one’s idea of a good time. Unfortunately, it is a reality for many college students. As much as we would all like to hide in bed for another few hours, we know that eventually we will have to throw on layer after layer in an attempt to combat the chill. This is where knits come into play. Knitted accessories are the fashionable answer to brutal treks through the cold. They keep you warm and make you look cute in the process.

This Fashionista rocks quite a few knitted pieces. Her hat is absolutely amazing. I love the dark yarn with bits of rainbow colors woven throughout. The cat ears give the whole thing a playful effect and tie in nicely with her winged cat eye liner. The hat looks super snug and is sure to keep her cozy during the day. Plus, it’s a fantastic conversation starter, since I’m positive people ask her where she got it (I did! Her grandmother knitted it).

Her gloves and scarf are equally perfect for this horrible winter weather. I have been loving mitten styles recently, and I think the ones this Fashionista owns are perfect for fighting the cold. They also match nicely with her hat. As for the scarf, I am all about the oversize cut and unique texture. I am also a fan of how she styled it. By layering it on top of her coat and wrapping it around her hair, she looks chic and ready for a trek to class.

Overall, this Fashionista nailed it with her cold weather accessories. She stays warm on a chilly walk and looks stylish to boot. I will definitely be taking a page from her inspiration book in the days to come!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dress in whatever makes you feel beautiful! Winter can be a perfect opportunity to accessorize. Take advantage of it.”