STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Not Just for the Aisle

The minimalism trend has been sweeping our culture from home decor to clothing. Wearing white, gray or black shades is a part of this trend. This Fashionista is wearing all white and no she isn’t walking down the aisle! She is participating in this trend!

I always love a Fashionista who can pull of a pair of white jeans and even keep them clean! White in the summer just looks so crisp and fresh. The main focus about this look is her jeans. White skinny jeans also do wonders for making your legs look a million miles long!

I also love how she paired her white jeans with an off-white top. Her top has beautiful lace detail that adds some edge but doesn’t have sleeves so she stays cool on those hot summer days.

Adding to the minimal vibe, she pairs her white ensemble with a white clutch. Although it has simple detail, it stands out. Her hands also contain a few simple rings, which doesn’t draw away from her white outfit.

The last piece to her outfit is her white strappy sandals with gold details. The small detail in her sandals also don’t take away from her white jeans and top but adds a nice touch of detail to the outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I really like to find one key item in my wardrobe and work around that. Today, I really wanted to wear my white skinny jeans, so then I arranged my outfit around the jeans and pieced them together.”