STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Not Just Black And White

Since the dawn of time (or at least since Coco Chanel), the color duo of black and white has always been a classic. It is a staple color combination I would recommend for anyone. It can be super effortless, but a dilemma I often find myself facing is the struggle to match different variations of black and white. Nothing is worse than a dull white paired with a super crisp and bright white. The solution to this problem is simpler than you think—black and beige!

While this detail may seem pretty insignificant, it can change the whole feel of an outfit and simplifies the process of trying to match blacks and whites. This Fashionista masters this perfectly. Her sandals bring out the black in her shorts and tote as well as the beige in her jacket. To spice up the classic look this outfit has, she adds this light lavender blouse to make her look pop. Her simple jewelry acts as a great accent to this simple but very put together look. The colors flow excellently together and make this outfit perfect for such a wide range of occasions. I always found it so interesting that something so simple as a color palette could change the tone and sophistication of an outfit. Utilizing this trick lets you get away with being comfortable all day long while looking great at the same time.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?  “It is so important to have a handbag that is a solid neutral. While patterns or designer prints can be fun or trendy, having a great simple bag is essential because it will go with any outfit and is so easy to just grab on your way out. It’ll look coordinated with whatever you have on.”