Let’s be honest; people judge. Wether we try your best or not, our eyes are always taking in information and making assumptions. That’s why we always want to look our best and take time in the morning to make ourselves presentable. Our clothes are a form of self expression; however on a day to day basis, our killer outfits get covered up by the same jackets everyday. In the broad scheme of things, a jacket doesn’t make you who you are, but why not have your outfit AND outerwear be on point? Then that first impression is always going to be memorable, even walking to class all bundled up.

This week’s Fashionista knows that a great jacket can make a great first impression. Her double-breasted blue one has details that bring her from average to chic. The jacket’s cowl neck is an interesting detail that makes it fashion forward and fun. This stylish student even goes one step further. Not only is her jacket on point, her boots coordinate perfectly. The plaid pairs well against the solid color of her coat and pulls the blue into its pattern. The boots also have a buckle detail that adds a little something extra. These two pieces alone make this Fashionista look like a million bucks, and that’s without knowing what’s underneath!

To make your outerwear game as strong as our Fashionista’s, try a coat with fun details. This wool and twill jacket has contrasting arms and a wide folding neck. This cargo jacket has drawstrings that extenuate your waist with four front pockets and epaulet details. For a girly touch, this double-breasted jacket has a flared skirt and tulle hem.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Outerwear is something I feel like you should invest in. Because I don’t change my jackets like I do shirts, I feel better about splurging on a quality piece.”