So as everyone has probably noticed by now, boho is taking over. Don’t get me wrong, the trend is one of my personal favorites. However, if you’re looking to sport a ’60s/’70s chic style, you can do so without looking like you’re attending Woodstock. I spotted this mod Fashionista strolling the streets of downtown and just had to ask if she could share some of her tips.

She starts the vintage trend off with her large flower print dress. The pattern reminds me of flower power, but doesn’t stray too far from modern ideas. She layers a jean jacket over for a cooler day. Denim is great to incorporate if you’re going for a hippie vibe. This jacket has great fit with the dress, and doesn’t over power the look like a pair of ripped bell-bottoms. Now, on to the accessories. Fringe is used so much in bohemian style, and this Fashionista incorporated it in such an interesting way.

Accessories can add so much to an outfit, they can take something from casual to dressy, or add a little touch of flare. For a little fringe, try adding a pair of tassel earrings. These earrings add a subtle hint of ’70s without over powering the printed dress. Mixing and matching patterns can be difficult, but the smallest details on her jewelry are spot on. Last, but not least, she finishes off her ensemble with a pair of white flat sandals—a perfect minimalistic compliment to her bold outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I absolutely love vintage style, but I wanted to incorporate it with a modern twist. So I like to add subtle vintage details in modern silhouettes, like this dress.”