STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Northwest Sweater Weather

Living here in Seattle, it is inevitable that you’ll encounter Washington’s bipolar weather. Students fear walking from class to class because the weather is so unpredictable. Although, I believe Washingtonians know how to dress versatile enough for the Pacific Northwest’s weather. It is true that Washingtonians hate using umbrellas and love wearing The North Face jackets. This Fashionista, however, puts together her look stylishly with her outerwear.

This Fashionista played it simple and clean with her black high-waisted denim and forest green long sleeve shirt. The dark toned color combination is trendy for the winter months. She tucks in her top and pairs it with a brown skinny belt, emitting a polished look. I definitely got an American Apparel aura from just one look at her outfit. With just those few pieces of clothing, anyone can style it to their own liking. This Fashionista forms a calm, clean, Northwestern-inspired look for the day.

From the beautiful jeweled wrapped bracelet to the iconic Dr. Martens, I realized that was not what first caught my eye. It was her neutral colored, rough textured, novelty printed coat. The outerwear this Fashionista was wearing completely defines the typical Washington hipster. Not only does she represent her region perfectly, but she fashionably rocks the look! To think that you thought only your dad and uncle wore this type of stuff. Ladies, take a run through your brother’s or dad’s closet and make something out of it. Of course, with their permission first.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Keep warm with layers. With my thick, fuzzy outerwear and my Dr. Martens, my skin is safe and protected [from] the rain and low temperatures.“