Taking in the trends from the late ’60s, high-waisted apparel is making a dramatic comeback. Starting with jeans and transcending into skirts, this trend has adapted into many different styles. From settling at a conservative look to a more open outfit, such as a perfect pairing with a crop top, gives this basic piece variety.

Here we have a Fashionista who took on this trend by pairing up a high-waisted skirt with a simple black tank top and jean jacket. She finishes her look with a MICHAEL Michael Kors cross-body bag. The high-waisted trend keeps her in style and comfortable even through her busy day. She rocks a printed, high-waisted skirt, which is a great piece to have in your closet because of how many different ways it can styled. Our Fashionista wears the skirt with a basic tank top to balance the tribal pattern of the skirt, but she could also wear it with a cropped shirt or a button-down for a night out or a more formal look.

High-waisted skirts come in many variations so anyone can adjust them to their personal style. Some popular styles include a simple skater high-waisted skirt in neutral colors like black. This way anything can be paired up with them for a variety of occasions. Along with this, form fitted high-waisted midi skirts are also very trendy. These skirts can be used for more formal and business casual events.

Either way, the different pairings with the variety of high-waisted apparel will leave you feeling fabulous.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My high-waisted skirts and jeans give me more confidence by showing off my shape while still looking stylish and even formal. When in doubt, high-waist it!”