Fashion is a delicate thing. Why? There is a fine line between dressing well and overdoing it. I’m sure we’ve all walked by people and thought to ourselves, “Man, they are trying really hard,” or “I wonder what they were thinking when they got dressed this morning?” Your personal style says a lot about your character. After all, the streets are the catwalk equivalent for those of us not strutting up and down the runway at (insert fashion capital) Fashion Week.

Ladies, we have been fortunate to have taken over the industry since the beginning; however, menswear has made a name for itself in recent decades. Designers like Cole Haan, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford have emerged and introduced a variety of styles for men. Although many of these big names nowadays do also design for women, they likely started out with a focus on men. Of course, they took a risk in entering an industry that was almost completely dominated by the fairer sex but we’ve all heard the saying, “No risk, no reward”, right? This can definitely be applied to your own style, and you shouldn’t be afraid to risk it once in a while!

This week’s Fashionisto defines what it means to venture outside of your “fashion comfort zone” and take some chances. Life is no fun if you don’t change things up a little! A look like this Fashionsto’s is unique and will certainly win you the title of “best dressed.” Perhaps the best part of this outfit is the top; it’s bold, yet not too wild. In an effort to let this colorful top steal the show, pair some jeans with it to keep your vibe laid back and trendy. You can choose whichever wash you prefer but, my favorite are a mid to light wash jean.

Next up: shoes. Shoes are a tricky thing for guys because, let’s be honest, how many different styles are there? This Fashionisto shows us that, guys, you can most certainly pull it off. An oxford-inspired shoe looks great with this outfit and while it may be a bit of an investment, it is SO worth it in the long run because they are absolutely fabulous! While sunglasses are completely optional, this Fashionisto’s shades add a bit of flare to his outfit so; why not? One of my favorite brands, Warby Parker, has some fantastic retro shades that are sure to look hot-hot-hot! Again, a good pair of shades can be an investment but are certain to last you a long time.

So, try this out gentlemen, and I’m sure you will have everyone begging you for your fashion secrets. No risk, no reward; remember?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Style is a silent form of expression. Dress for the day you want to have and for the way you want to be treated. You’ll learn the more risks you take, the more fun you have with it.”