As you know, prints are officially in (not that they ever left in my book though). BUT, the runways this season are filled with prints, on prints, on…you guessed it, more prints. Now, imagine how happy that makes me—very much, you might imagine.

When I think of prints, I imagine bright and “all eyes on me.” You can “wow” the crowd without having to show off too much skin because the prints speak for themselves. Plus, the numerous patterns and mixtures of colors really brighten your day as well as those of the people who stare at your outfit. Oh wow…doesn’t that remind you of summer, vacation and all those pleasant things? Exactly why this trend is reigning this summer.

Wearing prints requires confidence because trust me, people will stare. You want to make their staring worthwhile. This Fashionista nails the art of matching print (it’s an art, dear) by matching a lovely print maxi with a print vest in a similar shade. It gives the illusion of a seamless blend. The wallet accentuates the undertones of the dress adding an extra dose of chic to the ensemble. Since the prints were va va voom, this Fashionista kept the accessories minimal with simple crystal stud earrings and a pair of cat-eye sunglasses, you know, for that extra “I’m too cool for you” icing on the “excuse me while I slay” cake. She is a prime example that the print on print trend is oh so do-able on—and off—the runway.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?  “Be yourself. Take something and make it your own.”