We are one month into 2016 and hopefully you haven’t completely forgotten about your New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s boosting your GPA, saving some extra money or hitting the gym more often, I think we can all agree that it’s getting harder to be as “resolute” as we were on day one.

If you are the style conscious Fashionista that I know you are, you know that having the right look makes all the difference. Keeping new goals is no different—to stay motivated you must have the right gear! I know that I’m definitely more excited to go to the gym if I have a bright new pair of Nike kicks or some patterned Athletica leggings to show off. Not only do I look the part, but I also feel the part. That’s the great thing about many athletic clothing companies these days. With an increased focus on being healthy and fit, whether as a Victoria’s Secret Angel or the average college student trying to avoid the freshman fifteen, athletic clothing companies have realized that people want gear that looks as amazing as it works.

This Fashionista is ready to tackle all her fitness goals in her blue and green gym wear. She’s sporting black Calvin Klein running pants with lime green stripes and a light blue and white pullover from Nike. To match, she is wearing a royal blue sweatshirt from lululemon, and Asics sneakers that tie it all together. To finish it off she adds more stripes with her gray lululemon headband and matching gray-toned gym bag.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfort and confidence are an athlete’s best friends. When I’m exercising, I look for clothing that’s comfortable yet flattering. There’s nothing better than accomplishing a new training goal and I know that as a woman, my performance and overall confidence are heavily affected by how I present myself on the outside.”