So as many of you know, overalls have been a huge trend these past two summers. Some people are asking, are we over overalls? The answer is NO! Overalls are beyond comfortable (no sucking in here) and super easy to put on (just need a crop top and you’re ready). Overalls aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and I would even go so far as to say they’re back, with a vengeance.

Last summer, I bought my first pair because the manager at LF basically shoved it in my bag. At first I regretted the vintage denim buy, now you can’t get me out of them. The beauty of overalls is that they can be adorned in a multitude of ways—crop top when it’s hella sweaty outside, Birkenstocks when you’re feeling boho-chic, leather jacket if you’re looking for that edginess, a knit sweater when it gets to fall months; the list is endless! Plus, as the popularity for overalls increases, so does their obtainability. Now it is not just blue denim overalls, you can buy all different color denim versions, leather/pleather ones, or even patterned fabric styles!

This Fashionista is killing it in her overalls. As I’ve told you guys, the weather here in NYC has been hot and sticky to say the least—so this Fashionista opted for the crop top version. Being an international babe, she spends most of her time traveling through Europe and Asia, only working her way back to NYC for classes. Luckily, all of her pieces can be found here as well as abroad. Her shoes are custom made Supergas illustrating some famous London attractions, brought back from her recent trip. The clutch, crop top and overalls are all from Top Shop—from Shanghai, Milan and London respectively. Her chic sunnies are Céline. And you definitely can’t get your eyes off that Rolex! I suggest if you’re not trying to break the bank, check out ALDO sunglasses and watches on ASOS.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t overdo it! Sometimes keeping it cute and simple is the best way to go. Plus overalls are comfy, casual and less common, so they’re always sure to be a stand out piece.”