STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Never Over '90s Grunge

I am a huge fan of the ’90s, even though I only personally experienced two years of the decade. There are many of us who adore the ’90s and the late ’80s because of the way the kids dressed then and how free they seemed to be. Sometimes I wish I could have been born at least in 1989 because then I could have experienced the entire 10 years first hand. The fashion, music, cartoon shows and makeup were just great. So, yes, we are seeing more looks inspired from our all-time favorite decade.

One main fashion trend of the ’90s was the look of grunge. People had the urge to wear all-black and dark colors and their dyed hair in loud, contrasting colors. I found this Fashionisto who rocked out with his modern day ’90s-inspired look to class and he looked great doing it. The first thing I noticed of this look was the glorious oversized tan coat and the burgundy beanie on top of his head. These two pieces actually turn the ’90s idea of grunge looks into the look we see more often today.

Under his coat, our Fashionisto is wearing all-black: a black jacket, black turtleneck, black jeans and black combat boots (a little worn out, but still grunge). Combat boots were definitely huge in the ’90s grunge lifestyle, paired with almost everything from dresses to jeans to leggings (yes, leggings were a thing in that decade). Combat boots were staples to the grunge community, and if you want to pull off the grunge look today you have to add these to your look.

Now let’s talk bout this Fashionisto’s interesting jean choice. He chose a pair of black jeans; sewn onto the knees we also get perfect leather patches. I’ve seen leggings with this look, but never jeans. This little detail definitely adds more interest to the overall look. He finished the look by cuffing the jeans over the top of the boots, giving the look even more edginess.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Good question! I guess I’d say fashion is YOU! Yes, trends are cool and helpful when coming up with ideas. But clothes and fashion are what you make it. Don’t be afraid to bring your personality out. If one day you want to be grunge-chic and the next day you’re in the bohemian mood, do it! Don’t feel obligated to dress a certain way because you saw what Kim K. had on. And when in ‘outfit’ doubt, black is always a suitable option.”