T-shirts never go out of style. Everyone and anyone can style a T-shirt for any occasion. Squat challenge? An old T-shirt. Mid-day nap? Favorite T-shirt. Woke up 10 minutes late? Witty, typography T-shirt. Night out with friends? V-neck T-shirt. When in doubt, a T-shirt is a no fail solution to any fashion problem. Stores like Forever 21 can fill your closet with cheap, basic ones or you can upgrade your quality by venturing to Free People or Zara for some T-shirts that will make you want to die of happiness.

Striped, polka-dot, solid, color-blocked and everything in between has a place on a T-shirt. Paired with jeans, leggings, joggers and skirts, every occasion has room for this staple piece. A T-shirt can dress up your casual pants or dress down a loud skirt.

For the warmer months, a T-shirt is a great layering tool for that off-duty look that is so in (think Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid). Even supermodels wear T-shirts.

I caught this Fashionista in between some really cool brick walls in the midst of a summer weekend at the beach. Ray-Bans, a floppy hat and destroyed light wash jeans are a perfect uniform that would only be complete with a basic T-shirt. The lightweight fabric and loose shape keeps this Fashionista breathing and expelling some off-duty model looks from blocks away.

Simple jewelry with a lot of cute freckles is all you need to complete your look. Topped (or bottomed) with your go-to sandals, your summer look is on point and on-trend with the help of your favorite T-shirt that will never go out of style. Naturally, I did mention Karlie Kloss, so it’s only expected to mention a Taylor Swift song.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfort is my number one concern when constructing outfits. T-shirts are my go-to option for a summer day and a great layering tool. I always say spend a little bit more on basics like T-shirts since they are essential for any outfit.”