It’s still winter, and it’s still freezing outside. So what does that mean? You’ve got to layer up. Sometimes it can be a little tough to look cute in the winter when you’re more worried about your toes going numb on your walk to class. But there are ways to deal with the snow and look cute while doing so. May favorite way is using layers; you can take advantage of the different jackets and shirts you have by combining them together to create something amazing.

Check out what this Fashionista has going on! She chose to layer her striped navy blue shirt and high-waisted jeans with two jackets. I like that she layered the jackets because it seems to only be getting colder and this style can combat that. She chose to use a leather jacket and a zip-up hoodie. It’s a super easy style that you can do with different types of jackets, but I love these two, especially. Check out this leather jacket from Express and pair it with this simple hoodie from Forever 21. You can wear almost any shirt underneath; I would just recommend keeping it simple.

This outfit is super casual, meaning it’s perfect for class or a day spent studying in a café! Maybe you can wear this striped shirt from Topshop with these jeans from H&M to complete the rest of the look. The shirt is long sleeved which adds an extra layer of warmth if you get cold easily like me. However, you can surely wear a short sleeve shirt, too! As for shoes, I think you should keep up with the leather look and wear combat boots. It makes your outfit a bit grungy, but who objects to that? This Fashionista also chose to wear a scarf and coordinating beanie that brought color and life to this look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t overthink what you’re wearing! Just experiment and pair things together!”