STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Neutral Monochrome

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to get out of bed and wear your pajamas to class? Who am I kidding we’ve all had those days. Those thoughts usually cross my mind when I’m going through my closet in the morning trying to decide what to wear for the day. If I’m not comfortable during class my mind can’t concentrate on what the professor is saying.

This Fashionista is staying comfortable while still staying on trend. This outfit caught my eye because it includes one of my favorite trends: neutral monochromatics.

The neutral colors of the shirt, scarf and boots complement each other so well. The long sleeves of the shirt and the cozy knit scarf will be sure to keep you warm in those chilly classrooms. The tank top this Fashionista is wearing underneath is in the same color family as the plaid shirt and scarf so it doesn’t draw away or clash with the whole look. Leaving the shirt unbuttoned makes the outfit have more a relaxed and cute vibe. Pairing the top with leggings ensures your comfort for that lecture you have in the afternoon that always seems to be hours long. The brown knee-high boots make the outfit a smidge more dressed up and look so much better than the UGG boots some girls love to pair with everything.

This outfit would be perfect for class and then straight off to the library to work on that group project. This is one Fashionista that definitely has her morning routine down. Even her makeup looks flawless. It’s pretty and natural but not over the top.

When I’m feeling lazy in the morning an outfit involving a button-down and leggings is usually the way I lean. I love tops with cool prints on them that I can just throw on in the morning, pair it with some leggings and my favorite Dr. Martens and I’m ready to go!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I always like to add a scarf to spice up an outfit! Even in the summer I get the ones that are really light and can even go with a tank and shorts!”