Even though 2014 has come and gone, the trends and styles from the past year are here to stay. One of those trends is the obvious camel coat—the go-to topcoat this past fall. It was and still is the go-to statement piece for any outfit. Also, it is a item that can be found anywhere from Zara to Target and even ASOS to

This look has been seen on almost every celebrity. Kim Karadashian, Rihanna and every Olsen sibling have been spotted in a camel coat. But before these A-list celebrities were wearing them, our parents were rocking these topcoats over their suits to work every morning. I remember my mom having a black topcoat and throwing it over her daily outfits. Little did she know I would be sneaking into her closet years later to wear it.

A coat can make or break someone’s look, but with a camel coat you can never go wrong. It is the best kind of day-to-night look; the kind that can remain a statement piece, while transitioning with whatever you’re wearing. That’s the greatest thing about this coat. It goes with anything and everything.

Fashionistas have made this coat all the rage because of what they can do with it. Wear this coat to class with just a pair of your favorite jeans and sweater, then switch it up for a girl’s night out with a little black dress and strappy heels. This piece is a must-have in every Fashionista’s closet, especially because of the multitude of options it provides. Why not have an effortlessly chic coat that you could wear with almost every ensemble? Exactly. So if you dont have this overcoat, it is time to give into this trend.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You can never go wrong with nude, gray, black or even white.”