Neutral colors never go out of style. An outfit like this looks simple and elegant while also not demanding too much effort. The beauty of wearing neutral colors is that they go with everything in your closet. There is not a whole lot of thought needed when you don’t have to spend time on matching colors. That in no way means that you have to settle for a boring outfit. Despite the lack of color, this Fashionista is still right on-trend. The pattern on the skirt adds a little extra interest to the eye while also exuding femininity and playfulness. The sandals tie in great with the pattern, as well. The purse is perfect for this outfit because the metallic gold chain really complements the overall color palette while the bow on the front also keeps it looking girly.

In the summer, showing a lot of leg is good only if it is done right. Pairing this top with this skort still makes the ensemble look classy and fun at the same time. Every girl needs a great go-to button-up and this is a perfect example of how to utilize one.

This outfit would be great for meeting your girlfriends for lunch or going to brunch with your family. You will be sure to look classically put together. No one will think you are trying too hard, either.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Spend the majority of your budget on neutral colors so that you have more options and more versatility in your wardrobe.”