It’s no surprise that summer calls for beaming colors. Pastels and brights and even neons are all over the fashion map this season. To me, there is something about them that just connects with the summer air and the joyful, beachy atmosphere. Even those that swear by a monochromatic black style in the dull winter months add at least a little pop of color in the warmer months.

We have gone through the phases of neon Converse and bright neon tank tops, but thankfully those “trends” have gone and failed to return. But today, the fashion gods are constantly coming up with new, stylish and inventive ways to wear color. In this particular Fashionista’s look, the neon lies in the accessories. With a plain white graphic T-shirt recycled as a swimsuit cover up, this girl sure knows hot to step up her ensemble with the details. She paired her simple T-shirt with reflective neon sunglasses and lace-up sandals. Although these are small additions, the neons are so bright that they’re all you need to liven everything else up. Anything more may hurt the eyes! Another great aspect of wearing neon accessories is that they really personalize your style, and your peers will remember you for those small yet hard-to-miss accessories (in a good way!).

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You don’t need to freak out about wearing something new every single day. It’s easier to have a few outfit popping accessories (like my neon add-ons here) to make a look unique and yours.”