STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: My Boyfriend's Jeans

Are you always up late cramming for finals? Or perhaps love going out on the town with close friends? Maybe you find yourself continuously watching Netflix series all through the night? You definitely don’t want to wake up the next morning and wiggle into your tightest pair of slim fit skinny jeans. Fashionable, casual and affordable (free, if you can find them buried somewhere in your boyfriend’s closet) the latest fashion trend calls for baggy, loose-fitted, ripped jeans. Boyfriend jeans are great for lunch dates, running errands, going to class or just hanging on the couch for the day. They can be paired with almost anything which allows you to create a look that suits your style. Denim and distressed, this purchase guarantees you that special someone—and their closet!

We all have that go-to pair of jeans that we fear to put through the dryer, afraid that they’ll come out two times too small. Fast-forward and fashion has erased the fitted jeans and has allowed a more comfortable look to hit the streets of Fifth Avenue. This trend stands out among Fashionistas around the world as it opposes the “norm” of suffocating in tapered, too tight skinny jeans.

By now, you should be rummaging through your best guy friend’s dresser, in hope of finding a pair of grungy, baggy jeans that you know they’ll never wear. What should you wear with oversized jeans? The best aspect of owning a pair of boyfriend jeans is the variety of styles that can be curated by throwing on a pair of ripped jeans. This Fashionista is seen wearing her boyfriend jeans with a matching oversized, denim button-down, to rock the denim-on-denim trend. She dresses up the look by adding a pair of tan, strappy wedges yet still keeping it comfortable and casual. To accessorize the look, a beaded statement necklace, a pink clutch and tortoise patterned sunglasses take her outfit from her boyfriend’s closet to New York Fashion Week!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My career takes place in a professional environment, where I have to dress suitable, yet comfortable enough to last the night, so boyfriend jeans are the perfect balance of fashionable and capable!”