STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Muscle Shirts and Wedges

Muscle shirts have evolved from clothing that just meatheads wear to the gym. We see them in everyday fashion now, but I could never truly see them as something that could be worn as fashionable pieces. I always thought them to be more like lounging attire, the shirts you throw on after you’re done in the ocean at the beach and want to head back to your rental for the night.

This Fashionista took muscle shirts to the next level. She matched her striped, Forever 21 muscle shirt with a pair of studded, Hollister Co., light wash jean shorts. She then added a feminine touch with the striped, blue and white wedges. To add just a little icing to her look, she added a gold Alex and Ani bracelet. Although it was very simple and plain, it added a little something extra to her wrist. She was able to downplay the look with her straight hair and very natural makeup. I would’ve really liked to have seen this Fashionista add a little bit more in the accessory department, but with the look she was going for, I can understand why she underplayed that part of the outfit.

This look presents a very tomboy-chic feel. This is an outfit that is so versatile. I could imagine myself simply walking downtown wearing this look on a summer night, or even wearing it out to go shopping with some friends. The top gives the look a very casual, tomboy feel, while the wedges add a girlier touch that don’t make it feel like that basic everyday outfit. This is a look that I can see on a girl that is a little more athletic but still loves to play dress up. With the natural makeup, simple accessory and hair (while still adding that girly touch with the shoes), this look is nicely done.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style advice of the week is to never let go of who you truly are. I have been playing sports since I was young, and I didn’t really start dressing ‘like a girl’ until about a year and a half ago. I haven’t fully crossed over to the ‘girly girly’ side, but I have found ways to make my style more feminine and girly.”