Would you hold it against me if I said less is more? This Fashionista certainly wouldn’t. She is all about minimalism and not about mixing and matching a variety of overzealous colors and accessories. She likes things simple with a little bit of twist (i.e. statement jewelry) and uses one color to achieve a look that’s stylish, put together and contemporary.

A single hue of gray perfectly resonates throughout her entire ensemble. Everything is synonymous. Her gray shirt, shorts and accessories (sandals and necklace) work together as a collective because it isn’t so much about the individual pieces she’s wearing as it is about the color coordination. This Fashionista’s monochrome look demonstrates the three Cs: cool, calm and collective. Her outfit’s chicness can be attributed to its contemporary style because it takes its cues from the runway. Her attire, for example, is on-trend with spring/summer 2015 shows from Fendi and Burberry, whom spotlighted the double-denim look, and other monochrome items (Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red Octobers and Pharrell William’s Supercolor adidas).

Monochrome fashion is in full swing, and this Fashionista is certainly reveling in it. Uniformity and minimalism is her fashion forte. According to her, she’s always been “drawn to neutral colors.” Her monochrome ensemble is captivating, calming and very easy on the eyes.  It is the epitome of contemporary style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Neutral colors are easier to style. I typically accessorize it with a pop of color (ergo her red nail polish color and olive green tote).”