STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Monochromatic Risks

Being a summer baby, in my opinion winter clothes are such a drag. We always see every girl and boy wearing the same black parka, and the same snow boots or even worse (gasp!) UGG boots.

That’s why I was completely taken aback by this Fashionisto’s winter ensemble. I was especially impressed with his daring choice of color. Not everyone can pull off such a bold statement, like a yellow beanie and bright yellow sweater but I absolutely adore the way the whole outfit was put together. The yellow is perfectly juxtaposed against his navy blue pants and army green coat. It was very risky pairing three different solid colors together but I think it was a risk definitely worth taking.

An excellent aspect of this outfit is the way the colors are broken up but at the same time connected. Whether intentional or not noticed right away how his yellow beanie is paired with a navy blue infinity scarf while at the same time his navy blue pants are paired with a yellow sweater similar to this one from Ralph Lauren. He would have been way too matchy-matchy if he had chosen to wear a blue or yellow jacket, so I’m so happy this Fashionisto knew to break up the colors with his super trendy army green coat kinda like this jacket.

My ultimate favorite aspect of this look is his shoes. I’ve always loved when guys wore shoes with this type of design often seen on golf shoes, so when I saw this Fashionisto rocking leather boots with the same design I was in awe. I am definitely loving the man boot trend that has been adopted by college men all over the country. Especially, when paired with such eye catching colors.

It is definitely obvious this Fashionisto is up to date on the current trends. From his yellow beanie to his brown leather boots…I’m impressed. Yellow is definitely his color!!!!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to take risks and be a little different. If everyone just wore the same stuff all the time trends wouldn’t even be created. So go out and buy those bright colored shoes, they could be the next big thing!”