Winter tends to make us want to wear all of our comfortable clothes and to cover up. While this may be fine on some days, it doesn’t hurt to mix it up every now and then and wear some of your bright spring and summer clothes. This will not only brighten your mood, but it will also change it up from your normal attire. The easiest way to wear your spring or summer clothes is by playing with patterns, which has been a trend this season. Mix your traditional winter colors with bright spring or summer colors with bold patterns.

Like I said previously, we’re playing with patterns; however, we want to use two different patterns. One pattern needs to be soft, while the other one a bold pattern. This means the shirt could have a soft pattern with a bold color and the pants could have a bold pattern with a soft color. Not everything can be bold. The key here is to stay balanced. Now, onto the outfit. Since we want to step out of our comfort zone, the top should have a bold neon color that has a soft, overlay pattern. At first glance, you might not be able to know it is a shirt that had some depth to it. Then, you can play with the pants. You can choose any type of pant, but they need to have a pattern that stands out. However, the main color has to tone down the pattern. Remember, staying balanced is key.

I keep saying that staying balanced is key, and that is exactly what this Fashionista did. The neon halter crop top with a overlay is paired with high-waisted trouser pants that have soft winter colors. She pulled it all together by wearing a gray, long sleeve cardigan. This not only pulls everything together, but it also keeps her warm against the cold. Nobody wants to be an icicle!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you’re in a rut, go outside your comfort zone and wear the first thing that comes to mind.”