Okay, bear with me here. Creating an outfit is kind of like making a smoothie. Opening the fridge, I always pick the brightest fruits that sound like they would go really well together. When I’m feeling a little adventurous, maybe some veggies too. Kale’s a superfood, it has to taste pretty good, right? The thing is, no matter how good it sounds, you don’t really know how it’s going to taste until you actually try it. Sometimes you regret wasting half your fridge on something that tastes like organic tar and other times you create fruity bliss in a cup. It all depends on how you put it together.

In terms of putting a cohesive outfit together, it doesn’t have to be one color or texture for it to be cohesive. This Fashionista created a look that’s eclectic, boho and does not fall short of chic. Her printed shorts are the main focus of the look. The smaller print is paired with a knit vest to add texture. Tying both pieces together, her neutral top ties together the complementary tones. Her ankle boots and pop of lipstick add the perfect amount of spunk.

Combining textures and patterns can be tricky. There’s a fine line from looking incredibly chic to the assumption you got dressed in the dark. To make sure your closet light is working, there are definitely some things to keep in mind. When combining patterns, look to pair a large, bold design with a smaller, more intricate one. Think strong floral prints with a thin, striped top. This also coincides with playing up or down your proportions. The bolder the print, the more attention it’s going to attract. Love flaunting your long legs? Rock a pair of vivid pants with a subdued top. The focus is on the lower half of your body, while still keeping the top portion interesting and fresh.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?  “Sometimes, jeans and a T-shirt gets a little boring, so it’s fun to put putting different patterns, textures and materials together.”