Are you a fan of bold patterns and unique textures? Do you feel empowered when you wear loud pieces? Are you not afraid to stand out in the crowd? If you answered “Yes!” to these questions, then you are definitely a fashion adventurer. So where is your next fashion destination? The world of pattern mixing! By rocking various patterns, textures and colors in a single outfit, you are able to achieve the ultimate fashion dream—embracing multiple styles, trends and fashion eras at the same time!

This Fashionista wonderfully and confidently wears a vibrant, patched jacket that screams out ’90s fashion. This unique jacket is definitely a statement piece and a conversation starter, catching people’s attention even from miles away. In order to direct full attention to the jacket, she styles a neutral, striped T-shirt dress underneath. She gives the perfect amount of personality to an otherwise basic piece by knotting the dress on the bottom. To top it all, she adds a pair of bold, checkered sneakers that pay tribute to the good old middle school days. This Fashionista successfully pattern mixes by combining pieces that all have their own quirk and sense of individuality.

Afraid of pattern mixing because you think bold pieces won’t work together? Don’t be! You can make pieces become the best of friends by confidently wearing them together and feeling good in your outfit, so don’t think every single element of your outfit must complement the other. Wear whatever feels right to you. Don’t hesitate to explore and express yourself through fashion!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to try out unique pieces! Be bold and wear whatever you want with confidence! Plus, the pop of color brightens up any day.”