While looking at this Fashionista’s outfit, she possesses an outfit that has two elements that work together to make a trendy statement. These two pieces are her blouse and her shorts. The top and bottoms are completely different in material, color and pattern. Together, they create a mixture that works perfectly though.

The striped cotton blouse emphasizes a preppy sailor vibe, but paired with the scalloped leather shorts, the outfit is truly unique. The two fabrics contrast in color and feel. There are rules to mixing patterns and materials, but when doing it correctly, a Fashionista can create depth to her outfit. This Fashionista did just that. The Fashionista paired a print with a solid, and this is one reason why this outfit works. By adding a wedge sandal, this Fashionista also elongated her legs and body. Because her outfit was the main attraction, this Fashionista used only one chunky bracelet to accessorize her look. If this Fashionista had accessorized too much, it would have been overkill.

Overall, this outfit is individualistic and will definitely catch the eyes of everyone wherever this Fashionista may go. It is a great outfit for going out with the girls or on a date night. Mixing fabrics and materials can be challenging at times, but remember, if a Fashionista sticks to always using a solid, does not do the same print on print and/or utilizes a neutral color, the outfit should work.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I would say take risks in your outfits; be bold with it. It is always fun to try a new look, and summer is coming to a close, so you need to try things while you can! If you have never rocked gladiator sandals or a big sun hat, this week is the time to try it. Wear bright, fresh colors because fall tones are right around the corner. Coral and light blue are always a good choice. Go for a different cut of clothing than you’re used to as well. And finally, halters and crop tops are super fun to dress up or down.”