Do you ever wake up and feel like you want to change your style that day? This stylish Fashionista said that was her inspiration for this look. She decided to mix it up and add flare to her everyday outfit. When you look at the basics of this outfit, they are simple. The outfit includes a dress paired with tights and boots with a jacket thrown over top, but this look is so much more.

She decided to incorporate major trends in a pulled together, stylish way. She stayed simple with a T-shirt dress and styled around that. She added a leather jacket to give the look an expensive edgy feel but this jacket is not your typical leather jacket. When you take a look at the back of the jacket you will find a southwestern-style embroidery. This embroidery adds a bit of boho-chic to the outfit. For accessories, she paired the outfit with a colorful statement necklace to add a trendy pop of color. To throw another style into the mix she added plaid-patterned tights to prep up the look. My ultimate favorite part of this look is the over-the-knee boots. Over-the-knee boots is a top trend in my book and you should definitely invest in a nice pair. The over-the-knee boots in this outfit almost go thigh-high giving the look a little peek-a-boo of sex appeal by showing some leg!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dress based on your mood and don’t be afraid to mix it up!”