As the cold weather continues to hit us and the temperatures continue to plummet, the Fashionistas/os of the world fear the cold but remain to stay true to their style! The snow, although it brings snow boots and heavy coats, also sheds a glare, which means sunglasses are a must. Sunglasses in the winter can often be looked down on, as many people see the useful accessory as seasonal. Well, good thing there is no truth behind the seasonal sunglasses myth.

The trend of mirrored sunglasses has taken the Fashionista/o world by storm. The style has been embraced by many and has made the streets, whether in the warm or the cold, more colorful than ever. Colored mirrored glasses are a perfect way to add some flavor to a drab winter outfit. This Fashionista truly exemplifies this trend.

The Fashionista protected her precious eyes from the brutal winter glare with soft-pink, round framed mirrored Ray-Ban sunglass. On the top half, she pairs the glasses with a gray beanie hat, a navy cashmere hooded sweater and a mid length faux fur coat. On the bottom, the Fashionista wears medium wash ripped jeans and practical, but stylish, boots. To top off the look, she wore a simple black top handle bag. The overall ensemble perfectly embodies practical winter wear with a hint of warmer days ahead!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Mirrored sunglasses can be a great way to add color and a playful aspect to any outfit! During the winter, it is even more important to keep up with incorporating color in an outfit any way you can, and more times than not, that means with sunglasses!”