STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Minimal and Monochrome is the New Modern

Despite the flux of trends from the fashion industry, the monochrome color palette has been preserved for centuries for its notorious association with formal, classic qualities. From wedding attire (think classic wedding dresses and tuxedoes!) to work attire to orchestral attire, an outfit devoid of all color seems to resonate as more professional, polished and clean.

Peculiarly, I’ve watched all my favorite internet fashion bloggers/vloggers eventually enter a colorless phase in their life, where their wardrobes consisted mainly of whites, blacks and grays—with only an occasional splash of color. One year ago, I would have never understood their fascination with colorless outfits; however, recently I find myself gravitating towards white, black and gray everything. Although the color palette seems very limiting, I dare say this color combination is far from plain or boring. If paired with the right fabrics, textures and silhouettes, the end result is something that is effortlessly chic and modern. Plus, outfits become a blessing to coordinate and style around! One of my favorite bloggers, Jeanne Grey from Grey Layers, immediately comes to mind—with mainly a wardrobe that hybridizes grays, whites and blacks, she epitomizes elegant and timeless fashion.

The minimalist look is currently trending. Much like the aesthetic of minimalist architecture, the look adorns simplicity with a modern appeal. This Fashionisto shows us that stylish can be simple and comfortable. He pairs a white fitted J.Crew pocket T-shirt that is perfectly flattering with a pair of gray skinny pants, and he rolls up the cuffs for a more polished finishing touch. We’ve all seen the black-on-black, white-on-white and black-on-white color scheme done thousands of times, so this white on light gray combo departs from the standard, while still keeping up with the monochrome trend. From lightest color to darkest color, his top gradients to the bottom of his outfit with an even darker gray and black pair of leopard print shoes. The detail is subtle and yet simultaneously makes the entire outfit more enticing. The entire look is minimal, monochrome…and consequently, very modern!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t abandon comfort for style. Simple is clean. And clean will always be stylish.”