I love buying a new piece of clothing as much as the next shopaholic, but when you love to dress up everyday like me, its hard to be shopping as much as I would like to on this college life budget. However, summer makes for the best mixes and matches of outfits from different seasons, so finding new outfits might just be as easy as checking out the back of your closet! But back to the important part. This faux leather mini skirt is a perfect color and fit for almost any style you want to go with for the day! Feeling super girly and want to pair a skirt like this with a cute button down and some ballet flats or simple ankle strap stilettos? That works! Feeling a little edgy today? Guess what? This skirt works with that too!

This Fashionista absolutely rocked this edgy-bohemian outfit. The perfect way to wear this outfit is of course pairing that fab mini skirt with a cutoff tank. This Fashionista’s La Lune shirt is an awesome focal point to this outfit and the mini skirt has just enough flow to move around and be out and about all day! Her Ray-Ban sunglasses and adorable Jelly Furla Bag bring it all together. The details are major and the colors all play off of each other in a great way and we can’t forget the power of those crystal accents!

Want to find more skirts like this? Check out this faux leather mini with studs! It will really bring out the bad girl in you! This mini has so much potential for a girls night out on the town! And a Tory Burch mini leather skirt has a lot of personality and beautiful embroidery which would look outstanding with a simple crop top! There are so many options for a dazzling leather look and it is a great look for any occasion.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A big part of my identity is surrounded around spirituality, existentialism and the like. I always look for a way to incorporate this into my look, whether it’s something as this upfront as this skirt or more subtle, like wearing stones. I always nod to it—always”.