STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Mind Your Minimalism

Fashionistas/os here in Westwood are guaranteed 365 days of sun (plus or minus a day of rainy clouds). Southern California weather means we can wear our summer sundresses virtually any day of the year. With a knit sweater in January or a pair of Steve Madden sandals in July, short hems are versatile, feminine staples that every college girl should own.

A simple A-line shift dress and an open chambray button down is my go-to, but this Fashionista took the sundress to a whole new level. She flaunts an empire-waist tank dress with a neutral knit cardigan and cognac booties. The flirty hemline calls attention to her adorable shoes. Her look exemplifies college girl ease—looking put together with minimal effort, thanks to the mini dress. With layers, neutrals and fun cut-outs, it is easy to elevate such a basic silhouette. Along her neck, her gold pendant reflects her understated fashion sense. By sticking to a central theme—minimalism—this Fashionista avoids being too flashy and achieves a look worthy of admirers.

School fashion can be difficult when factoring in the long class hours, walking and weather changes, but this Fashionista masters it. A summer piece effortlessly transitioned into a winter piece makes for an easy throw-on. Do not underestimate the importance of reinventing your wardrobe. Why spend money when you can revamp your old stuff? I promise, you’ll discover a look you never thought you owned. Start with a sundress and build up to your old surf sneakers. The wear and tear will give your look a vintage feel, plus, you’ll expand your wardrobe without dropping a dollar.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to think that fashion is something you can take from when you want, and leave when you don’t. Never add something to your look just because it’s popular. Always mind the ebb and flow of the industry and pick your favorites.”